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Health Program: PreK through Grade 12

Here at Chase, our core values and basic practices are infused with a fundamental concern for the health and wellness of each individual student. Kindness, respect and responsibility are demonstrated and expected at every level, and in teaching good citizenship we foster confidence, self-advocacy and authenticity among all our students. These precepts are the foundation for a strong community of learners who embrace challenges and who support each other in facing them. This community respects individual contributions and needs, is aware of developmental changes and challenges over time, and aims for prompt and effective responsiveness to any issues that impact members.

Dr. Gus Haracopos, School Counselor and Director of Student Services, 203-236-9527


Nurse's Office

The Nurse's Office is open from 8:00 AM-3:30 PM and is located in St. Margaret's Hall. Please check this site often for updated health information, medical forms, links to informative websites and more. Feel free to contact this office anytime with questions or concerns.  FLU IMMUNIZATION CONSENT FORM

Shirley Frager, RN, 203-236-9555





Throughout the Upper School it is Advisory that’s the central base of support for all students. 9th Graders are grouped together, and then from 10th through 12th Grade students are assigned to mixed advisories. Advisory serves many purposes for Chase students, but one overarching purpose is being the “home base” for each student. We strongly believe that positive relationships among students and faculty are a primary factor in students’ feeling of well-being and success, and our advisory system is the cornerstone for building these relationships.

The step up to 9th Grade is a major one for most every student, and the upper school team devotes a great deal of time and attention to ensuring that each student has the support needed to make this step a successful one. 9th Grade Advisory is a place where students learn the ways of the upper school, and build a network that will both challenge and support themselves. All 9th Grade advisors meet weekly throughout the year and this communication allows for early identification and action to address any issues that arise among individual students or groups of students.

To read more about Advising click here.

Freshmen Foundations Course

Freshmen participate in a semester-long “Foundations” course, which is designed to build strong positive relationships among the class as a whole, and also to share perspective helpful to making the most of their upper school experience. This course is team-taught by the school counselor, learning specialist, and dean of students, so it presents an opportunity for every new upper schooler to get to know these “out of the classroom” faculty members. Building these relationships early ensures that students feel comfortable reaching out for help if the need should arise anytime during their upper school careers.

Sophomore Ethics Course

In Sophomore year, the “Foundations” course is followed-up with a semester-long “Ethics” course that is also team-taught by the school counselor and dean of students. In this course students are encouraged to explore their values, motivations and decisions, both short-term and long-term. Each student prepares and presents a “This I Believe” essay at the end of the course. We’ve found this to be an excellent forum for students to identify and clarify one selected aspect of their belief system, and for students to share their beliefs in an atmosphere of interest and respect.

Honor Council

Students also take the lead in conveying and upholding the Honor Code, with elected representatives from each grade serving on the Honor Council. Chase’s Honor Code covers academic integrity and also speaks to the level of respect, responsibility and trust expected of all members of the school community.

Student Government

Students in all four years participate in elected student government, with officers at both the class level and also at the whole-school level. Student government takes the lead in many of the school’s community-building activities throughout the year, and works closely with faculty to respond proactively to any emerging issues.

FCD Educational Services

Upper Schoolers participate in special programs designed to help them understand and deal with a range of relevant topics.  FCD is an internationally-recognized program bringing awareness about drug/alcohol abuse, and our students participate in a weeklong intensive FCD program each year. Using Morning Meeting and other scheduled opportunities, students benefit from a range of speakers on topics including mental health, nutrition, sleep, driver safety, and others.


Upper Schoolers dedicate a great deal of time and energy to clubs organized by students to “give back” and to pass along important lessons. These student-led clubs include Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Peer Counseling, Diversity Club, Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA), Special Wishes, and Chase Charity for Children. Girls Speakout is a faculty-led forum that invites and supports girls in sharing their views and taking a strong stand for themselves in every context. We believe this kind of positive, assertive experience is vital for building strong leadership among our girls, and we also see its value in undercutting the sometimes negative “mean girls” syndrome seen at many schools.

Click here to see a listing of all the other clubs offered at Chase!


The Upper School athletic requirement, coupled with our no-cut policy, ensures that every student participates in regular exercise and works together as part of a team. We value the range of life lessons that students can learn from teamwork, and it’s wonderful to see our students’ energy and drive for playing sports for competition and also for the simple joy of play.

Buddy Program

We’re proud to see Upper Schoolers’ commitment to the community values which have been taught and inculcated beginning in Lower School. Upper Schoolers serve as “Big Buddies” for students in the Lower School, participating in planned activities and also being friendly and respectful in all their interactions with younger children.




Wellness is actively addressed in Middle School as we help students negotiate their increasingly complicated social, academic and personal lives. The 6th Grade Advisory Team offers a welcoming and informative transition program for the newest middle schoolers, and this program forms the basis of a yearlong focus on building skills and increasing independence. In 7th Grade, the Advisory Team focuses on consolidating these gains, while helping students understand their own particular strengths and weaknesses so they can make confident decisions about academics, friendships, and social judgment. In the 8th Grade, the Advisory Team supports students as they take on greater leadership, expand their interests, and look ahead to the Upper School.


The School Nurse joins the faculty team in Middle School, offering a Wellness Course designed to meet the developmental needs of students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades. In this course, students learn basic information about health & safety, risky behaviors, protective behaviors, and how to make sound decisions. In a similar vein, the Middle School Head and School Counselor collaborate on Student Safety & Responsibility workshops addressing selected topics such as online safety and managing social networks. Middle Schoolers also participate in intensive workshops with FCD, an internationally-recognized program bringing awareness about drug/alcohol abuse.

Physical Education

Daily physical education continues in the Middle School, and in addition students are encouraged to participate on competitive teams where they further build their skills, endurance, and teamwork.

Student Government

Student Government is a central part of the Middle School experience. Representatives elected by each grade plan activities including service projects, cultural enrichment, and fun, social times. Along with formally-elected student leadership, the Middle School cultivates an environment where any student with a good idea and the willingness to work on it can take the lead and add something significant.



Responsive Classroom Method

The focus on wellness begins in the Lower School. All teachers are trained in the Responsive Classroom method, which highlights the value of social and emotional teaching strategies for building academic skills and learning readiness. These strategies teach students the skills they need to communicate assertively, negotiate with classmates when differences arise, offer support to peers, and make use of it when offered.

The Great Body Shop

Lower School students participate in the Great Body Shop curriculum, which covers a range of topics including basic wellness, nutrition, exercise, good judgment and decision-making. This curriculum is tailored for each grade level, and presented as part of the integrated curriculum by the grade’s homeroom teachers. The homeroom teachers also work with our school counselor to present regular social skill-building groups that address both typical developmental challenges and also any issues that might be particular to that grade.

Lower School Initiatives

The Lower School supports initiatives such as the 5th Grade Student Government, and the Gardening Program that involves all students in growing healthy food to be used in our own kitchen.

Buddy Program

We’re proud to see Upper Schoolers’ commitment to the community values which have been taught and inculcated beginning in Lower School. Upper Schoolers serve as “Big Buddies” for students in the Lower School, participating in planned activities and also being friendly and respectful in all their interactions with younger children.

Physical Education

Daily participation in physical education class exposes students to a wide range of fun and challenging activities while building an appreciation for the value of regular exercise. 
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