Middle School Life

There is more to life than increasing its speed. - Mahatma Gandhi

Middle School Meeting

Spending time as an entire community is something we seek out and celebrate. At Chase, we are deeply invested in our family atmosphere. Our Middle School meetings, which occur every other day, provide opportunities for students and faculty to gather together, to laud individual and group accomplishments, and most importantly, to enjoy each other’s company. Always led by students, the meetings offer the chance for important information to be shared, but also for students to have a significant voice. They develop confidence in speaking in front of teachers and peers, and are empowered to grow into their own potential.

Community Service

Through our community service projects, our students develop a sense of compassion, and broaden their perspectives as local and global citizens.

Our Chase Middle School community participates in numerous community service initiatives throughout the school year. Past partnerships and endeavors have included volunteering at soup kitchens, participating in environmental clean-up initiatives, fund-raising drives for local, national, and international causes; along with food, book and toy drives and tutoring. At Chase, we believe community service plays an essential role in preparing our students to lead compassionate and consequential lives.

International Exchange

As part of our emphasis on expanding horizons, Chase began hosting Guatemalan exchange students in the Middle School in 2011, and the program expanded to the Upper School in 2012. Chase families volunteer to become a host family for these students for about two months. Through this experience, our Chase students develop a deep understanding of their Guatemalan counterparts. The exchange students participate in all aspects of Chase life and are always excited to be around for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Community Talks

Prepare to be inspired by our community talks. Members of our Chase community share significant moments and life events in these compelling presentations. Students, teachers, and even Middle School Head, Jason Lewis have presented at our popular Community Talks. “One of the things that is unique and I love about this school is the myriad of lights in which students see us: teachers, advisors, coaches, artists, advocates, musicians, mentors, etc. It allows for profound and consequential relationships to be formed,” explained Lewis. Past presenters have included and NBA Hall of Face basketball players and a NY Times best-selling author.

Middle School Fun

Work hard . . . play hard.

Bowling...Game Night...Movie Night...Dances...Field Day

At Chase, we take having fun seriously. Throughout the school year, our students take necessary and well-deserved breaks from the routine academic schedule. Bowling nights, game nights, and movie nights are held on and off campus, and are led by faculty members. This lends another dimension to their relationships with our students, in these relaxed and comfortable settings. Middle School Student Council also plans dances throughout the year.

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