Find Your Artistic Side at Chase

A group of girls at Chase Collegiate throw their hands up in the air laughing during Theater practice.

Music & Theater

From concert band and choir to drama and theater opportunities, you’ll be sure to find a fit that meets your passions.

Explore Music & Theater

A Chase Collegiate student sketches in her visual arts class.

Visual Arts & Design

Immerse yourself in the diverse offerings of the Chase Visual Arts & Design program. Students are inspired to use their creativity while finding an appreciation for all kinds of visual art.

Get Visual

A Chase Collegiate student works on the computer in his Media & Tech class.

Media & Tech

Explore the future of media and technology. With collaborative, state-of-the-art multimedia studios, students are challenged to think, create and innovate in the world of film & photography.

Start Creating

Photography students take photos outside at Chase Collegiate.

Art Studios

Settle into a place where your creativity can soar. Our studios provide a space for students to practice design thinking and work collaboratively.


The Arts Department focuses on process and growth through practice. We nurture grit and maintain the following equation for success:

Step 1: Talent x Effort = Skill
Step 2: Skill x Effort = Achievement

A girl sings at her voice recital at Chase Collegiate School.

Private Music Lessons

Students may take individual private music lessons for an additional charge.  These 30-45 minute lessons cater to each student's schedule and skill level, and they are available right here on campus! 

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Student Opportunities

Chase Collegiate offers exciting opportunities for students to hone their artistic talents. 

2019-20 School Year

Classes take place at Julliard on Saturdays, 8:30am- 5pm, during the academic year.

Eligible students must be between the ages of 8 and 17, and have played their instrument for at least two years.

Application Deadline: Monday, April 1, 2019

Apply Online

Open to k-12 Students of CÆA members   

Submission Deadline, February 15, 2019

You may submit up to 6 works

Please see your Visual Arts Teacher to share your interest!

Organizations include:

  • Tri- M National Music Honor Society
  • National Arts Honor Society 

Talk to your advisor about how you can get involved!