Teams by Season

Chase Collegiate offers a number of athletic teams to join—both at junior varsity and varsity levels. Join Highlander Nation!


Coed Cross Country - Varsity
Boys' Soccer - Junior Varsity & Varsity
Girls' Soccer - Varsity
Girls' Volleyball - Junior Varsity & Varsity


Boys' Basketball - Junior Varsity, Thirds & Varsity
Girls' Basketball - Junior Varsity & Varsity
Coed Winter Track


Coed Golf - Varsity
Boys' & Girls' Lacrosse - Varsity
Softball - Varsity
Boys' & Girls' Tennis - Varsity
Coed Ultimate Frisbee - Varsity

We strive for the development of the whole individual, capable of establishing his or her place in society.  We encourage our athletes to play hard, play fair, and strive to be their best.

How can Chase Help You?

If you have any questions about our Upper School Athletics program, or you would like to visit the Chase Collegiate campus, let us know!

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