Chase Artist Nathaniel Zembruski Shares His Tale from Learning in the Wings

November 26, 2019

Chase junior Nathaniel Zembruski is pursuing an interest in Show Production and was ecstatic to be selected as the intern backstage for the premier national tour of “A Bronx Tale” at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT last month. With his sights set on a career in the entertainment industry, he is learning as much as he can through the Chase Collegiate Theater Production program. When the opportunity to shadow and work hand in hand with those in the business of professional audio and electronics presented itself, he moved his studies for a week from the traditional classroom at 565 Chase Parkway and went to school on the dock, backstage, and in the wings of the majestic venue at 100 East Main Street. 

Chase Collegiate staff, faculty and community is committed to supporting each student find their space and harness their passion. Terri Hale, Science Faculty Member, shared, “What a great opportunity! Nathaniel was excited to tell me about it throughout the process as well as about that last late night, packing the truck. He said he learned a lot and was thrilled to share what he had learned with the Chase community. He was clearly in his glory doing what he loves!”

Nathaniel is the Student Director and Lighting Designer of the Fall Highlander Theater Company production of “She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition” scheduled to be presented on December 13th and 14th in the Fulkerson Arts Center. He is incorporating all the tricks of the trade he learned and is excited as to how it will add to the success of his fellow theatrical team-cast and crew alike-and their upcoming performances. 

"The best aspects of the experience were the Load In and Load Out. Being able to put together so many pieces of a production at the same time in a short window. However, when walking away, I realized that I had gained a greater understanding which was an amazing feeling. " said Zembruski. "I loved meeting the crew heads on tour who had me execute cues during the live shows. I wasn’t just watching in the wings, standing by, I was ‘on the call’ and I can’t wait to get their call in the future.” 

Highlander Theater Company already holds multiple awards, including 16 nominations and winning BEST in four categories at the 2019 Seven Angels Theatre HALO Awards. The theater continues to develop the talent, skill and passion of each individual student and the collective ensemble work necessary to succeed in their craft.