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Upper School Band & Chorus Attend a New York Philharmonic Performance

February 11, 2019

On Friday, February 8th, students from the Upper School Band and Chorus students enjoyed a trip to New York City’s Lincoln Center and had the opportunity to be seated in David Geffen Hall to hear a world class performance of Brahms "German Requiem” by the New York Philharmonic and Concert Chorale of New York! 

Thriving in our comprehensive music curriculum, students work to improve their music literacy through theory classes and rehearsals. They are asked to present thoughtful music appreciation assignments on classical choral and band selections of their choosing, and are actively involved with comments and questions about each other’s projects.  Here is an example of an assignment: 
Brahms Requiem Reflection Assignment

This was an incredible experience for our student musicians! How lucky we are to have the amazing arts and culture of NYC just an hour and a half away from campus! 

Here are some of their reflections: 

“Even with eighty-ish singers, the Requiem sounded like one voice with both highs and lows. The dynamic contrasts gave me chills. The constant motion within the piece moved me at times to conduct with the conductor. The conductor was also very intriguing to regard, his dramatic gestures to the orchestra mirrored the Requiem’s movement. The performance hall was equally as beautiful as the music. I loved the acoustics...The way the soprano soloist was able to sing so softly yet perfectly annunciate the German lyrics was spectacular!” - Angelene Guglielmo ‘19

“I loved the singers, the orchestra, the soloists, and  the acoustics of the concert hall, but it was the translations of this hopeful piece that made this experience a beautiful one for anyone, religious or not. Everybody has or will experience loss in their life, but instead of reflecting on the negative, Brahms Requiem is a joyful, hopeful piece that tells the story of how life should be celebrated.”  - Maggie McGuire ‘20

“The performance of the German Requiem told a story and was outstanding; my greatest appreciation to both having the opportunity to be able to go, and to the musicians, vocalists, and choir that performed, as it was fantastic!” - Nathaniel Zembruski ‘21