Tennis - Boys' Varsity

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Name                                     Class       Hometown
Maxwell Ajemian 2021 Southbury, CT
Zelun Eric Bi 2019 Shijiazhuang
Heiger Haige Chen 2022 Waterbury, CT
John Echeverria 2021 Newtown, CT
Hao Howard Fu 2020 Shanghai
Feiyang Ken Jiang 2022 Tongxiang
Simon Kopecky 2021 Waterbury, CT
Joseph Leszczynski 2019 Easton, CT
Jiarui Ray Li 2019 Waterbury, CT
Tianyang William Li 2019 Kunming
Yunduo Jack Li 2019 Beijing
Boyu Michael Liu 2020 Hebei Province
Yicheng Andy Wang 2020 Shanghai
Edward Yueyang Xu   Beijing
Junshen Tim Xu 2022 Hangzhou
Zilong Andy Yu   Shenzhen
Yiming Oliver Zhu 2020 Guangzhou
Chase Collegiate School
565 Chase Parkway Waterbury, CT 06708
(203) 236-9500

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