Honor Code 

Purpose, Tone, Philosophy of the Honor Code and Honor Council
The Honor Code and Honor Council were instituted at Chase Collegiate in the fall of 2005 as a part of the educational mission of the school to facilitate the following in the Upper School community:

  • An explicit code of honorable conduct and academic integrity;
  • A sense of personal integrity, honesty, responsibility, ownership and forthrightness by each student with regard to her/ his behavior and academic work as a member of the Upper School community;
  • Self-government and facilitation of peer leadership within the Upper School student body;
  • Enhancement of student development and maturity

The Honor Board
The Honor Board is comprised of members of the Honor Council convened for purposes of hearing cases. The members of Honor Board include the Senior Prefect, an Honor Council member from the senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen class, one Honor Council faculty advisor and the Dean of Students or the Upper School Head.

The proceedings of the Honor Board are confidential and members of the Honor Board are held accountable for maintaining the strictest confidentiality with regard to the persons involved in the proceedings of the Honor Board.

College Reportability
The outcome of an Honor Board hearing does not become an issue with regard to the college admissions process when a sanction of Honor Warning is administered. Should an Honor Board hearing result in Honor Probation, suspension or a more severe sanction, the Headmaster, in consultation with the Upper School Head, Dean of Students and Director of College Counseling, will make the determination.

Honor Board Determinations, Sanctions and Follow-up
At the conclusion of an Honor Board case, the student is informed of the Honor Board's findings and any consequences (including specific instructions and deadlines) in person and in writing. The Honor Board Outcome Form details, in writing, the findings and consequences of the student's hearing and is emailed by the Dean of Students to the student's parents/ family within 48 hours. The Honor Board communicates to the student its expectation that the student will inform his/ her parents of the outcome and any consequences assigned by the Honor Board on the same day the student is informed of these by the Honor Board. The Dean of Students is charged with reporting to the Honor Board any failure on the part of a student to complete his/her sanctions by the deadline and in the manner specified by the Honor Board.
Failure by a student to complete sanctions as specified will result in being called to account by the Honor Board in a formal hearing at which time the Honor Board may elect to recommend additional sanctions to the Headmaster.

Finality of Honor Board Findings and Consequences
The Honor Board process is set up so that all Honor Board findings and assigned consequences are reviewed by the Headmaster and Upper School Head; this occurs prior to the student being informed of the findings. Therefore, the findings and consequences communicated to students who come before the Honor Board are considered final.

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