#ThatsAChaseKid: Math Can Be Tricky; These Chase Kids Can Help
Posted 04/10/2018 01:33PM

                            Chase kids Eric Bi '19 & Peter Lyu '19

We've all done it. Frantically turned to YouTube for video advice on how to build a piece of furniture, get the perfect winged eyeliner, or beat the villain at the end of the hardest level of our favorite game. But, what about math? Inspired by informative and helpful math skill videos they saw while back home in China, Chase juniors Peter Lyu and Eric Bi decided to take things into their own hands, devising, recording, and editing math skill tutorials as part of Chase's DECA Club.

"I think that we can help people with skills for real math problems," explained Lyu, about his goals going into the project. An outcome reinforced by Chase's DECA Club co-founder, Bi. "We want to help students with what they struggle with, so they can help [improve] their performance," stated Bi. "And maybe, people could comment on our video [with their own math questions], and we could answer their questions with other videos."

DECA, which is formally known as Distributive Education Clubs of America, is an international association that prepares "emerging leaders and entrepreneurs" in high school and college with skills in marketing, management, business, finance, and hospitality. Lyu explained that he wanted to create a DECA Club project that would be good for business, or that could "lead to great relationships with people." And so the idea for a video tutorial came to fruition. While getting started was a bit tricky thanks to snow days, March Break, and slight topic indecision, the pair is off to a great start, with a lengthy and detailed video detailing quadratic and Vieta's formulas now up on Chase's DECA Club playlist on YouTube.

"We changed the topic a lot because we weren't sure which ones would be like helpful," explained Lyu. "We got some information from Mrs. LeDuc. Like, in class, we were talking about the quadratic function, so we thought about math skills and the quadratic function."

The current tutorial, which consists of both spoken and handwritten instruction, was relatively easy to put together once the two friends agreed on an overhead view with mapped out work and examples.

"We began to do the outline on the paper. The writing work," stated Bi. "And after we finished the outline, then we started to practice videoing."

Lyu and Bi are unsure of the exact number of tutorials they will create in DECA Club, but they hope that their fellow Chase kids will help them come up with new topic ideas. So, if you are a Chase kid who struggles with a certain math concept, leave a comment on Chase's Instagram or YouTube where the tutorials are shared, or reach out to Lyu and Bi via email. These Chase kids are happy to help get you through your next study session! 

~Kelly Ann Oleksiw,

Digital & Social Media Specialist


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