Why Chase?

Chase is a co-educational, independent day school that educates children from Prekindergarten through grade 12. Located on a 47 acre campus in Waterbury, Connecticut, Chase draws 300 - 400 students annually from 40 or so Connecticut towns. Our college preparatory program is enriched by design thinking curriculum, innovation spaces, athletics, arts and a variety of student initiated clubs. Our school is centered around our families, and we are dedicated to bringing out the absolute personal best in each student. Learn more about our distinguishing features.

How are we similar to other private schools?

  • We foster high standards of academic excellence.
  • We offer a low student-teacher ratio in each grade.
  • Students have the opportunity to explore topics, arts, athletics and clubs that unlock their passion for learning.

How are we different?

Chase students:

  • Are presented with a curriculum that integrates Design Driven Curriculum with traditional subjects.
  • Learn to stand in front of a crowd and speak articulately and confidently. Our accomplished public speakers are ready for leadership in the 21st century.
  • Share the culture of a close, caring community.
  • Practice and internalize time management.
  • Are taught to have the courage to advocate for themselves.

Community is integral to the Chase experience. This gives students the confidence to take risks. Through success and failure, they gain the courage to push past what’s comfortable and grow to achieve their highest potential

You may be wondering...

What opportunities can a small school offer?

  • With small class sizes and a low student to teacher ratio, teachers know students’ personalities and capabilities. Students know that teachers care about them and have the time and resources to help them succeed. Focus is placed on developing a thoughtful and deliberate educational experience that values and promotes your child to become their best self.
  • In the classroom and on the field, students are encouraged and supported to take risks. Through success and failure, they gain the courage to push past what’s comfortable and grow, to embrace social causes and to effect change in the world around them. Teachers partner with you to help your child thrive.
  • Chase offers many academic and artistic electives, AP courses and club opportunities. In addition, students can study foreign languages through Rosetta Stone, pursue independent study to delve deeper into areas of interest, create a senior Capstone Project and take personalized online classes through One Schoolhouse.org
  • Chase’s all-inclusive Upper School sports policy guarantees students the right to participate and learn. Each student participates in two sports per year, ensuring that they are exposed to team building and time management skills that are important in college and beyond. Many of Chase’s teams win League, Regional and State competitions on an on-going basis. Individual honors for coaches and players are also awarded, including “Coach of the Year” and 2-time Gatorade Player of the Year (Girls Soccer) designations. It is in fact possible for a player to participate on a varsity team for 5 years!

Is a Chase education worth the expense?

  • Chase believes that an educational program driven by authentic relationships empowers students to excel.
    • Student relationships with teachers are true, meaningful and lasting.
    • Focus is placed on developing a thoughtful and deliberate educational experience that values and promotes each child to become their best self.
    • Students grow by participating in new experiences and taking risks.
    • Students engage with their peers to see the value of collaboration.
    • Teachers partner with families to help students thrive.
  • Tuition at Chase may seem expensive. Simply put, there is no greater investment than the one you make in your child’s future. Many families postpone large vacations or new cars so they can afford a Chase education. These are very personal decisions and only you can determine whether preparing your child for the future is worth the sacrifices that may be required. We also offer a need-based financial aid program, working hard with a limited budget, to assist as many families as possible who demonstrate need.
  • Chase students have access to the best teachers, innovative equipment, and safe atmosphere. We entrust our educators to design the best programs for our students. This enables us to adapt our curriculum to remain relevant and reflect current best practices. There is no “one size fits all” approach to the curriculum. Teachers are not required to “teach to a test.”
  • Students’ critical thinking, public speaking, time management and organizational skills prepare them for college so well that our young alums come back year after year with stories of how their roommates struggle with the transition to college, while they simply think of it as "business as usual."
  • At Chase, it’s cool to be smart. Or athletic. Or artistic. Or all three! Students are surrounded by like-minded, goal-oriented people, which has a positive effect on their education. Young alumni regularly visit to tell us how well prepared they are to succeed in college and beyond.
  • The national 6 year bachelor’s degree graduation rate for college students attending private non-profit institutions is 65 percent (it’s 58% for public institutions).* In 2016, 90% of young Chase alumni survey respondents reported securing their bachelor’s degree in four years. While a Chase parent may be paying tuition during high school, it is highly likely they will pay 2 fewer years of undergraduate tuition for that same student. -

* source: SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2016). The Condition of Education 2016 (NCES 2016-144), Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates.

Is Chase a diverse community?

  • As a day school that draws students from approximately 40 towns, Chase’s student body is comprised of different races, cultures, ethnicities and religions.
  • A portion of our student body receives financial aid each year, enabling us to enroll mission appropriate students from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.
  • We are committed to fostering an appreciation for global perspective. We enroll international students, provide opportunities for our students to travel internationally and we offer students the chance to earn a Global Citizenship certificate.
  • In recent years, student driven interests have led to studying internationally for a semester.
  • Chase has chaperoned international travel with students for more than 30 years, with teachers taking students to France, Spain, Greece and Italy.
  • With a desire build upon the experiences of our traveling students, Chase hosts Guatemalan exchange students to visit with host families and attend Chase for two to four weeks.
  • Our current faculty hail from places like Germany, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Ghana and Tunisia.

A Different Kind of Environment

Design Thinking
Public Speaking
Innovation Days

Chase offers an education for tomorrow, today.

Events at Chase

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Chase Collegiate School
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Pre K

Chase’s PreK program will give your child the freedom to explore the world and the structure to become an active, involved learner who is prepared for Kindergarten.

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Lower School

In this safe, nurturing private elementary school, our students explore, take risks and innovate.

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Middle School

The bedrock of this success in this private middle school is the atmosphere of support and trust. At Chase, we honor each student and help them achieve their personal best, through an intensive, daily advisory program.

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Upper School

This private high school gives its students the tools to develop into lifelong learners and innovative thinkers, prepared for the changing landscape of the 21st century. Upon graduation, Chase students are well prepared for college and life beyond.

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Every gift to Chase has a direct impact on our students and faculty.

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Innovation at Chase

We’ve integrated innovation and design thinking into our traditional curriculum – and created three high and low-tech design labs on campus, providing students the knowledge and space to chart their own course in terms of their approach to a project and the outcome they produce.

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