Chase Believes that an educational program driven by authentic relationships empowers students to excel.

At Chase:

  • Student relationships with teachers are true, meaningful and lasting.
  • Focus is placed on developing a thoughtful and deliberate educational experience that values and promotes each child becoming their own unique self.
  • Students connect with their education by trying new things and taking risks.
  • Students engage with their peers and see the value of collaboration.
  • Teachers collaborate with families to jointly help students thrive.

2018-2019 Tuition

Lower School

  • Pre-Kindergarten 3-year olds        
    • 3 Mornings (8-12 pm)           $  6,600
      • Tuesday-Thursday only
    • 5 Mornings (8-12 pm)           $ 10,950
    • 5 Full Days (8-3:10 pm)        $ 17,450
  • Pre-Kindergarten 4-year olds
    • 5 Mornings (8-12 pm)           $ 10,950
    • 5 Full Days (8-3:10 pm)        $ 17,450
  • Kindergarten     $ 20,520
  • Grades 1-2        $ 24,650
  • Grades 3-5        $ 25,675 

Middle School

  • Grades 6-8        $ 33,300

Upper School

  • Grades 9-12      $ 38,500

Tuition Payment Options - Chase offers two payment plan options.  Payment can be made in one installment or ten installments.

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Mandatory Fees:

Field Trips
  • $ 350  Grades 9-12
  • $ 600  Grade 8
  • $ 200  Grade 7
  • $ 100  Grade 6
Technology Fees
  • $ 550 for Middle and Upper School
  • $ 275 for Grades 4 & 5

Additional Expenses:

 After School Program (Optional Service: Grades PreK-5)
  • Monday-Friday:     $ 150 per week
  • Daily Rate:             $ 35 per day
  • Hourly Rate:           $ 14 per hour
The Highlander Shop (Campus Store)/The Dugout (Online Store)
  • PE attire for Grades 1-5 is required
  • All students who enroll in Grades 6-12 must purchase an iPad at parents’ expense
  • Chase recommends the iPad 4 or newer (model number A1458 or higher). We do not recommend the iPad mini since they are too small to read textbooks on, especially when there are diagrams (science), maps (history) and formulas (math).

Other Fees:

  • Finance charge on past due balances: 1.8% per month
  • Returned check/returned ACH fee: $ 25
  • Tuition Refund Plan fee: 1.8% of net tuition (If elected, will be billed upon receipt of contract)

These fees are part of the cost of attendance so that you may plan accordingly. This list includes most fees.  Optional fees (instructional lessons including instrument/voice and tutoring) are not included in the list.                   

A Different Kind of Environment

Design Thinking
Public Speaking
Innovation Days

Chase offers an education for tomorrow, today.

Events at Chase

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    • WedDec19 Day 7
    • WedDec19 Department Chairs 3:20 PM
    • WedDec19 Outside Rental: Prospect Soccer Club 7:30 PM to 9:00 PMGoss Field House
Chase Collegiate School
565 Chase Parkway Waterbury, CT 06708
(203) 236-9500

Pre K

Chase’s PreK program will give your child the freedom to explore the world and the structure to become an active, involved learner who is prepared for Kindergarten.

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Lower School

In this safe, nurturing private elementary school, our students explore, take risks and innovate.

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Middle School

The bedrock of this success in this private middle school is the atmosphere of support and trust. At Chase, we honor each student and help them achieve their personal best, through an intensive, daily advisory program.

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Upper School

This private high school gives its students the tools to develop into lifelong learners and innovative thinkers, prepared for the changing landscape of the 21st century. Upon graduation, Chase students are well prepared for college and life beyond.

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Every gift to Chase has a direct impact on our students and faculty.

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Innovation at Chase

We’ve integrated innovation and design thinking into our traditional curriculum – and created three high and low-tech design labs on campus, providing students the knowledge and space to chart their own course in terms of their approach to a project and the outcome they produce.

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