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...Several of our players commented on how much they enjoy playing against your teams because of their exceptional sportsmanship.  It is so nice to compete with programs that see the larger importance of teams and sports beyond winning and losing.  Thanks for all you put into these young athletics and helping them become better people on and off the court. - Washington Montessori Athletic Director

Understanding and a healthy body and a healthy mind are inextricably linked, a premium is placed on physical activity in the Middle School.

The physical education program stresses the development of skills, the pleasure of physical activity, the benefits of teamwork, and the importance of good sportsmanship. “Gym” time is an opportunity for an entire grade to learn to work together.

Though not required to do so, students are encouraged to try sports, as they provide students with an important social and recreational outlet. Teams that students can join are: Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Swimming, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Golf (grade 8) and Fitness Training. Two teams, one at a beginning level and the other for more advanced athletes, are offered in some sports in sixth through eighth grades.

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Fitness Training

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Fitness Training

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Fitness Training

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The Upper School Athletics Fall preseason will begin on Monday, August 13th, for the following sports: Boys Cross Country, Girls Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer and Volleyball. Practices will be held Monday-Friday from 4-6 p.m. during the weeks of August 13th and August 24th, as well as, on Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th. All practices will be held on campus.
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