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Weekly All School Bulletin

An Update of Chase's Arts Program
Posted 05/23/2017 01:17PM

With a 151 year history, the one thing we can all agree upon is that things change. At times, you may experience particular sensitivity to change on our campus when it relates to the features or programs with which you feel most connected. For this reason, we’ve decided to assure you that Chase’s arts program remains vibrant and strong.

  • Beginning in July, the Arts program at Chase has been restructured and will operate under one umbrella – a Visual and Performing Arts Department.
  • The newly restructured Visual and Performing Arts department will be led by Jennifer Zembruski. Mrs. Zembruski is currently Chief Operating Officer for the Palace Theater in Waterbury and has been with the landmark performing arts venue since 2004 when it reopened after an extensive restoration. Prior to joining the Palace management team, she was the Administrative Director of the Waterbury Symphony,
  •  Next year, voice teacher Marissa Famiglietti Apland will increase her hours at Chase to include teaching music to Lower School students and to offer and provide continuity for a grade 3 through 12 choral program.  
  • With last year's retirement of Rusty Brockmann, Chase sought an artist skilled in woodworking. In addition to teaching art part time to Lower School students this year, Brian Paturzo spent time working with Drew Keene '86 to advance his woodworking skills and will increase his hours to full time next year. Brian's enthusiasm and skills will directly enhance the number of creative opportunities available to students.
  • Kiel Stango joined Chase this year as the School’s Media Teacher. Kiel holds a masters in film production and and studied theater and screenwriting in undergrad. In addition to working at Chase, Kiel is the Producer of the Greenwich International Film Festival. He has very quickly become a favorite teacher among students and faculty alike.
  • Andrea Carter and Steve Lyons will remain part of the Arts team at Chase. Andrea will continue to bring her very special talents in both paint and ceramics to students of all ages and Steve continues his work making great strides building the musical instrument program here at Chase.

Chase recently hosted an event that raised over $20,000 toward enhancing Fulkerson Art Center. This summer, we will bring in consultants who have volunteered their expertise to look at the space, identify needs and prioritize enhancements to maximize the impact for this building.

In addition to this event, the Parents’ Association has committed their support as well. Any PA fundraising during the 16-17 and 17-18 school years will also support improvements and enhancements to Fulkerson Arts Center, which serves all Chase students through many events during each year. 

We hope you are as excited as us see what this next generation of talented musicians, actors, sculptors, painters has in store for its community!

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