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Prom 2018: Recap and Photos
Posted 05/24/2018 07:50PM


Prom, short for promenade, or the introductory parading of one's guests at a formal party, began near the end of the 19th century at northeastern colleges and universities as an event to "promote social etiquette and manners in each year's graduating class." 

By the late 1930's, proms had moved away from universities and into American high schools where they were becoming tradition nationwide.  No longer small socializing events, proms were now large gatherings often held in high school gymnasiums, serving formal dinners and providing featured entertainment.   While school gymnasiums would continue to serve as the location for most proms for the next few decades, in time, gymnasiums would be replaced by country clubs, hotels, and other similar venues and simply asking someone to go to prom would go out of favor, being supplanted by the more elaborate "prom-posal" style invitation.

Regardless of the time period, the venue, the style of fashion, or the official form of invite, there is no doubt that prom has been a cornerstone of the American high school experience for almost a century now.  In fact, a number of studies have revealed that going to prom is considered one of the most significant experiences among modern teenagers, second only to getting a driver's license.  In truth, however, prom has almost, since its initial inception, been considered a significant event amongst teens and young adults.  This is perhaps, the reason why over 60% of people acknowledge having kept some form of prom memorabilia long after the event has passed. 

This year's prom, A Night at The Oscars, sponsored by the Class of 2019 demonstrated the significance of this formal occasion for our students.  With almost the entire Upper School in attendance, there were many memories to be made.  From boarding the double-decker bus with classmates and friends to showing off the latest fashion trends, and from posing in the photo booth to dancing the night away on the dance floor, the 2018 prom was truly one to remember.  Adding to magic of the evening was an awards presentation in which each senior was recognized by the Prom Committee with a special senior superlative and replica Oscar statue, an awards ceremony only topped by the highlight of the evening, the naming of Mr. and Mrs. Sharnick as Prom King and Queen.

As the Upper School closes the chapter on yet another prom night, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Junior Class President, Daniel Nejaime and Junior Prom Committee members:  Stefanos Bilis, Kee Carlson, Hailey Falcone, Robby Jones, Gelia Kenney, Joey Leszczynski, Stephen Palluotto, Meris Rosenberg and Michelle Singer for hosting a spectacular event.  There is a great deal of planning that goes on behind the scenes in the months leading up to prom and this group was truly fantastic to work with.  Furthermore, I would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the Chase Collegiate School Parents Association for sponsoring the Prom Bus to provide transportation to and from the venue.  The bus was filled to capacity and genuinely appreciated by parents and students alike.  And finally, my utmost appreciation to chaperones:  Mr. Bourhrous, Senora Croes, Mr. Duhaime, Mr. Henaire, Senora Holden, Emma Ofner, Mr. Marques, Mr. Palmgren, Mrs. Sharnick, and Dr. Watt.  I appreciate you taking a night away from your families to celebrate with our students.  I hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as I did and I hope the memories created will last our students a lifetime.

View The Bees Knees Photobooth Pix from Prom

~ Colleen Altenburger
Dean of Students   


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