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Weekly All School Bulletin

Semester 1-Honor Roll
Posted 02/22/2019 02:03PM

Academic Honors for the first semester at Chase Collegiate School

Faculty Honors is the highest academic honor. It's for students earning a 92 or above; High Honors students earned an 88 or above; and Honors students earned an 85 or above.

Earning Faculty Honors were 12th-graders Robert Jones of Waterbury, Peter Haoyang Lyu of
Waterbury, Kevin McDonald of Waterbury, Victoria Xinyang Yu of Waterbury, Danny Yuhui
Pang of Waterbury, Jessica Lingyu Shi of Waterbury, Jacob Ruofan Xu of Waterbury, Kathleen
Green of Woodbury and Gelia Kenney of Woodbury, Eric Zelun Bi of Waterbury, Grace Chen
Chen of Thomaston, William Tianyang Li of Thomaston, Tommii Jiachen Zeng of Thomaston;
11th-grader Ritesh Vidhun of Southbury, Ethan Puc of Naugatuck, Christopher Ficeto of
Wolcott, Andy Yicheng Wang of Watertown, Daisy Shi Tang of Watertown, and Asher Weicheng
Gao of Watertown; 10th-grader Garrett Fisher of Plantsville, Shirley Lin Xiao of Waterbury,
Conrad Coyanda-Parkzes of Watertown; 9th-grader Nathan Stellmach of Waterbury, Lucy Bird
of Terryville, Enisa Senkal of Watertown, Patrick Osiecki of Naugatuck; 8th-grader Nathan Liu of Cheshire;
7th-grader Nicholas Ciampi of Watertown and Maura Kahuda of Watertown; 6th-grader Logan
Altenburger of Waterbury, Ben Khachia Haj Frej of Waterbury, Matthew Romero of Southbury,
Isak Senkal of Waterbury.

High Honors were earned by 12-graders Sophia Medeiros of Watertown, Jerry Hao Fang of
Watertown, Bill Mengxi Chen of Watertown, Daniel Nejaime of Torrington, Melody Haiyun Zhou
of Waterbury, Jane Yuqi Wu of Waterbury, Vicky Bing Wan of Waterbury, Jack Yunduo Li of
Waterbury, Ray Jiarui Li of Waterbury, Hailey Falcone of Waterbury, Khouchoua Ben Haj Frej of
Waterbury,Taimur Darr of Cheshire, Dylan Carmichael of Middlebury, Meris Rosenberg of
Naugatuck, Nishwa Nawaz of Newtown, Ellen Wenya Yu of Southbury, Michelle Singer of
Southbury; 11th-graders Howard Hao Fu of Watertown, Margaret McGuire of New Milford; 10th-
graders Aydin Calsetta of Waterbury, Eric Dahai Huang of Waterbury, Simon Kopecky of
Waterbury, Colby Calabrese of Watertown, Mina Yushan Zeng of Watertown, Zachary Powers
of Middlebury, Augustus Coffey of Newtown, John Echeverria of Newtown, Madeline Patrick of
Newtown, Benjamin Goth of Watertown, Sherly Yixuan Lin of Southbury, Neel Avancha of
Southington; 9th-grader Ricardo Croes of Cheshire, Jaiden Paniagua of Naugatuck, Tim
Junshen Xu of Naugatuck, Teigan DaCunha of Southbury, Adhiraj Katoch of Southbury, Haige
Heiger Chen of Waterbury, Jasmine Rossi of Waterbury, Ella Atkins of Watertown; 8th-graders
Martin Devino of Middlebury and Jack Johnson of Southbury; 7th-graders Peter Atkins of Watertown, Sarah Medeiros of Watertown, Grace Zembruski of Naugatuck; 6th-graders Haider Darr of Cheshire,
Sarah Madi-Bouabre of Waterbury, John-Anthony Samuel of Waterbury.

Honors were received by 12th-graders Jung Kee Carlson of Naugatuck, Journey Singleton of
Waterbury, 11th-graders Sarah Zihan Shao of Prospect, Emma Denihan of Waterbury, Jessie
Jiaxun Zhang of Waterbury; 10th-grader Alexandra Dassatti of Watertown; 9th-graders Emily
Lanoie of Waterbury, Loren Tuck of Waterbury, Murphy Malone of Cheshire, Paige Comunale of
Southbury; 7th-grader Katherine Datlow of Southbury; 6th-grader Santiago Croes of Cheshire.

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