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Is the Grass Always Greener?

Chase Alumnus Mark Albini Opens Up about Difficult Choices, Life After Chase, and Breaking Out in the Film Industry

Most students don’t thrive in awkward and fast paced situations, but Mark Albini isn’t just ANY student, he’s ‘A Chase Kid.’ A graduate of Chase Class of 2014, Albini is currently a junior at Drexel University where he is studying Film and Video. Recently, Albini opened up about his alma mater and how what he learned in LS and MS helped him succeed in coming into his own as a producer and filmmaker.

How did Chase position you for where you are now?

“What didn’t Chase prepare me for? I only look at Chase with fond memories. I went to Chase PreK-12th, left for MS, and then came back. I think the LS education was just as important if not more important because that was my foundation, where I learned great public speaking skills and how to be personable. The school fed that side of me, it really reinforced that.”

How do you use those skills in the real world?

“I love producing, [talking to people]...I love fast heartbeats and awkward situations...Chase set me up for that in a big way”

What did you learn from your experience of leaving Chase for MS?

“I went to a public arts school in Waterbury for was just different. I noticed the differences in politeness and work ethic and I realized that Chase helped me come into my own. Chase is really what gave me my world view. I love to travel. I went to Spain my senior year with Señora [Mary Ellen] Holden. I made so many life decisions based off of that trip and experience. Where I am now is in part to that trip and Señora showing me the ropes.”

Do you have any advice for current Chase kids?

“Do as much of everything that you can while at Chase...don’t take it for granted. Ask for what you want and don’t be afraid to hear ‘No’ because if you are [afraid], you’ll never hear ‘Yes.’”

Did you have a favorite extracurricular or club at Chase?

“The [Anti-Defamation League] ADL is dear to me, one of the bigger projects I ever tackled dealt with cyberbullying and accompanied the ‘Names Can Really Hurt Us’ program. [Civil rights are] definitely something I feel strongly about. Everyone needs a voice, especially in this industry, you’re really reliant on your crew.”

What are your future plans?

“The film program at Drexel is 4 years with a 6-month co-op program. Right now I’m focusing on an upcoming interview and securing a great co-op...”

While Albini is unsure exactly what the future holds, this January he announced that he accepted his first-choice co-op position as a Producer/Editor with MATTE Projects, a creative agency and production company in NYC. MATTE’s current client base includes DIOR, Google, Nike, H&M, Red Bull, and SnapChat -to name a few. Albini proudly shared with friends on social media that he is “beyond excited to be moving to New York City this spring to pursue this opportunity!” 

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