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So You Want to Talk About Innovation?

At Chase, we use the term "innovation" a lot. So much so, that the term has become a natural part of our Chase community's lifestyle. Our Chase kids even coined their own verb for this type of problem-solving and creativity: "Chase-ivation." If you've been on our Chase campus this year, you've probably seen the term scrawled in chalk on our Goss blacktop at the start of the year, or maybe you've noticed the banners around campus adorned with a light bulb and the list of Chase-ivation ingredients: 'Wonder, Explore, Create, Persist, Deliver?'

With our Spring Innovation Days last week, and with Innovation Day presentations looming tomorrow, we wanted to get into the minds of our Chase kids to find out what "innovation" actually means to a Chase kid. Innovation Days at Chase have notoriously lent themselves to amazing collaborations, including student-created projects for local businesses including Timex, and most recently, the Mattatuck Museum, and Autism Speaks. So, what better way to 'Cut to the Chase,' then to directly ask our kids: "What does innovation mean to a Chase kid?" After all, our students are the ones in the nitty-gritty of Chase-ivation during these special days on campus. Here is a sampling of what some of our Chase kids  had to say when asked what pops into their imaginative heads when they hear the word 'Innovation.'
What Does Innovation Mean to You?Maddie P. '21: "Being creative and thinking outside of the box. Coming up with crazy ideas and trying to make them happen."
Zoe T. '21: "When I think of innovation days I think of when we are given an issue, like a real world problem, and we improvise, adapt, overcome that issue in our own special way... and each group has their own way of solving the issue. I like to see in the end when we all present the different ways that we came up with solutions."
Dilan F. '23: "Innovation days mean thinking for yourself and on your own with a group and it means teamwork. You get to work with people you've probably never worked with before and you get to sample some of their ideas.”
Yael B. '22: "There's no classes, it's a fun time to hang out with your friends, but also you get a chance to do things that you don't normally do on a daily basis."
Elizabeth T. '22: "You get to collaborate with other people socially and work on problem solving rather than just straightforward computation."
Edije Frangu '19:  "I like that you are on your own with the projects, we really have a lot of control over our own projects."
What Do You Think of When You Hear the Word Innovation?Trey Atkins '18: “When I think of innovation I think of playsets, because that is what I picked for my innovation day."
Caelan Gadwah-Meadan '18: "Plants, because that is what my group's project is about."
Grace Frohock '18: "Presenting and presentations, like making a power point and going up in front of people."
Hailey Falcone '19: "Light bulb"
Kee Carlson '19: "Probably right now with this innovation I'd say Snoopy, because that is my project."
Jay Harte '19: "Chase"
Maggie McGuire '20: "I think about the innovation process, so like all the steps we have to go through on an innovation day."
Ethan Puc '20: "Timex"
Sheina P. '21: "Create"
Raj K. '22: "Dang it"

5th Grade: "Create, imagination, design thinking, innovative thought, improve, problem solving, and FUN!
4th Grade: "Creative, inventing, experimenting, a whole day, Chase, create, invention, lots of stuff, and technology."
3rd Grade: "Imagine, creating, craft, creativity, invent, inventing, metal, design, creating, and creative."
2nd Grade: "Creativity, designing, fun, cardboard, and creating."
1st Grade: "Building things, fun, working with a friend, making stuff, and talking about an idea and then figuring out how to make it."
Kinders: "They [Innovation Days] make me feel excited."
"They [Innovation Days] make me happy because they are fun."
"It's fun because you get to try it over and over again."
"If you get it right the first time its really good."
"You get to try again."

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